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Sermon notes

Baby Dedication
Responsive Reading
Pastor: Why have you come forward today?
Parents: We come forward before God and our church to dedicate ourselves as
parents in submission to the Holy Scriptures in the rearing of our (son/
Pastor: Who is this child you hold in your arms?
Parents: Godís gift of love in human flesh, created in Godís image, bearing our
Pastor: Do you promise to bear the cross of Christ as an example before them
bearing the name of Christ even as this child bears your name?
Parents: We Do.
Pastor: Do you promise to raise him in a faithful church where Godís Word is
taught and Christ is exalted?
Parents: We Do.
Pastor: Blessed are you child, God has given you parents whose desire it is to raise
you in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. And to this
church, how do you respond to these affirmations?
Church: We will pray for these parents and this child. We will observe every
opportunity for their spiritual growth. We will aspire to live as worthy
models for their childrenís sake.
Pastor: May the Lord seal and preserve this child until such a time as he/she can
consider for themselves the salvation of our God through His Son Jesus
All: Amen!